The Committee

The SSSE Committee as of the last election is composed of the following people:

President: Sebastian Klabes

Sebastian works at Siemens' Mobility division. He is a certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP, Dr.-Ing., MEngSt)

Sebastian's favourite quote:

"The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing." - Isaac Asimov

Vice-President: Gregor Schütz


Gregor works at ABB.

Gregor's favourite quote:


Secretary: Anne Bruseberg

Anne is a Senior Human Factors Consultant at the Ergonomen Usability AG in Zürich.  She specialises in integrating the human perspective with systems engineering approaches, through user-centred requirements engineering, conceptual modelling and usability testing, covering a broad variety of domains (e.g. aviation, defence, information systems).   She holds a PhD in Ergonomics. 

Anne's favourite quote:

“Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it.” - Alan Perlis

Treasurer: Philippe Henneau

Philippe is VP Head of Elevator System Engineering at Schindler Elevator Corp.  He has an Msc. Computer Science – PMP and is the Co-founder and owner of ServerNest GmbH, a cloud provider.

Philippe's favorite quotes:

“Never give up”  &  “Be mindful”

Programs: Markus Walker

Markus has an apprenticeship in mechatronics and studied electrical engineering, El. Ing. FH, CSEP.

He worked in the technical product management for Schindler Switzerland. He supported zero series, technical documentation and worked as freelancer in forementioned fields for different Schindler companies. He is passionate about requirements engineering, including the eliciting and management of regulatory requirements.  He is also an elevator system architect.

Markus' favourite quote:

"The theory however was not to be blamed if it did not suffice to the practice. But the fault was that theory enough did not exist." - Immanuel Kant

SWISSED: Mike Johnson

Mike has an MSc in Photonics and Optoelectronics, is a Chartered Engineer through the Institute for Engineering and Technology (IET) and gained the CSEP accrediation in 2014. He has worked predominantly between the Defence and Space Industries on projects ranging from the Future Integrated Soldier Technology (Thales UK) programme to a variety of space imaging and communications projects (RUAG Space).  Since 2016 he has joined the Medical Devices industry with Roche Diagnostics and is working actively to progress the maturity of Systems Engineering within this unique field.

He is passionate about requirements management, system functionality and spreading the word about the benefits of good Systems Engineering practices. He has been giving courses in Systems Engineering for many years and is the co-founder of

Mike's favourite quote:

"Nothing would be done at all, if a man waited until he could do it so well that NO ONE would find fault with it". - Bl. John Henry Newman

Membership: Antonio Casciello

Antonio is responsible for opto-mechanical engineering of Telescopes and Instruments for Space Applications.  A System Engineer for the product line Telescopes for the Optical Communication Payload.  He graduated in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Naples Federico II.

Antonio's favourite quote:

"Work structured and systematic"

Communications: Frank Ritz

My core competence are projects which require analytical, creative, problem solution-oriented, interdisciplinary abilities to reach strategic or operational aims using agile methodologies. I'm interested in innovative ICT technologies and methods for the foci mentioned above as well as ICT system and software engineering (Agile methods, meta-, domain-, requirements-, process- modeling (UML, BPMN), architecture). 

I am certified PMI-ACP®, HERMES, Rational CE/RUP, OUCP, CPRE and Co-author in eBooks and patents.
Frank's slogan:

"Jedes Problem beginnt selbstbestimmt, einen Weg zu einer guten Lösung zu bauen oder zu finden. 
Every problem begins self-determined to build a way to a good solution or find one."  -
Frank H. Ritz 2005, make or buy

Events: Eugenio Forzani

Eugenio has a MSc in Solid State Physics, a PhD in Experimental Physics and is certified Project Management Professional PMP.

He has experience with the systems engineering approach in the industrial product lifecycle, business and project management for customer oriented products and new technology developments in Materials Science, Metrology, MedTech, Space and Aerospace.

Eugenio's favourite quote:

“Living the professional paradigm change: from technology-centred solutions to human-centred innovation”.

Past-President: Stefan Aeschbacher

Stefan has a Dipl. Ing. EPFL - Computer Science, CSEP. He is a Consultant for Systems Engineering and the owner of Aeschbacher Media GmbH. His work areas are Transportation and IT Security. He contributed to projects in the areas in-train communication, passenger information and e-ticketing.

Stefan's favourite quote:

"Thinking is always in scope."

SSSE Working Group “Round Table of Systems Engineering”

Lead: Frauke Regge

Deputy: Jesko Lamm 


Honourary member (heads of Swiss based SE working groups):

Marcel Frikart

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