SSSE Newsletter; 19th Edition


The Swiss Society of Systems Engineering

The SSSE is the Swiss Chapter of INCOSE


Welcome to the 19th edition of the SSSE Newsletter.

In this edition, you can read about...

  • The first SE round table in Zurich

  • Recapitulation of SELECTED Event hosted by KONPLAN

  • The results of the SSSE Swiss Chapter Elections

  • SSSE Chapter Plan 2018

  • Invitation for sponsorship of SWISSED18

  • The INCOSE International Workshop

  • Upcoming Systems Engineering Events

Please continue to pass around the newsletter to promote the discipline of Systems Engineering and follow our updates on our website, Twitter @SSSE_INCOSE or LinkedIn.
Enjoy reading!

The SSSE committe

The firste SE Round Table in Zurich


Recapitulation of SELECTED Event at KONPLAN


Results of the Swiss Chapter Elections

26 member casted their vote. 25 agreed with the proposition for the new committee, one abstained.

We used the eBallot platform provided through INCOSE for our vote. Please share your experience in using this paltform. Did you like it? What would you like to change? Looking forward to your feedback to

SSSE Chapter Plan


Invitation for Sponsorship of SWISSED18


Upcoming Events

You can check the planned event of to have an overview about all upcoming events related to the SSSE. We want to bring your attention particularly to the following events:

  • TBD

Words of wisdom:



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