SSSE Newsletter; 16th Edition


The Swiss Society of Systems Engineering

The SSSE is the Swiss Chapter of INCOSE


Welcome to the 16th edition of the SSSE Newsletter.

In this edition, you can read about...

  • SSSE lectures and evening events label: SELECTED
  • The upcoming SSSE evening event on Wednesday, June 7th at SR Technics.
  • Recapitulation of the previous SSSE evening event at Siemens
  • The activities of the SE round table
  • SWISSED17 updates
  • Information about SE Certification
  • SSSE shop platform for registrations
  • Upcoming events this year
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Enjoy reading!

The SSSE committee

SELECTED - SSSE Evening Event label

SSSE names the series of lectures and evening events with the label “SELECTED”. Among the companies willing to host and sponsor a lecture, SSSE evaluates and selects the most interesting and Systems Engineering relevant lectures on methodology and best practices from industry. Presenters and companies receive a special acknowledgement about their contribution to the renowned SSSE events series since 2014. For future SSSE evening events visit the SELECTED section.

SSSE Evening Event - Aircraft Cabin Modifications: lecture and hangars visit at SR Technics

The second SSSE evening event 2017 will take place at SR Technics at Zurich Airport on Wednesday, June 7th. The event will cover Systems Engineering and the link to Business Development and Sales at SR Technics:

  • Part 1: Sales perspectives on MRO moving towards complex cabin modifications - by Oladi Olukolu
  • Part 2: Engineering integration challenges on such cabin modifications - by Anthony Soo
  • This would be followed by a tour of SR Technics to be led by Nicolas Hasler

For details and registration have a look on the SELECTED event page.

Recapitulation of the first SSSE evening event in 2017 at Siemens

David Almer from Siemens EMEA Centre of Excellence in Brussels presented MBSE Co-Simulation at the Siemens premises in Zurich in front of a large audience of Engineers and Managers. On the example of the design of electrical powers systems for aircrafts he explained a Model Based Systems Engineering Co-Simulation approach for Aerospace.

You can download the slides by following this link

Remark: The event calendar on the SSSE website covers a whole range of events in 2017 and covers all events. The SSSE Evening events for 2017 are listed as a slimmer overview in the SELECTED section.

SE Round Table

Frauke and Jesko invite frequently to the group meetings of the round table of systems engineering in Bern. In April, the SE round table picked up the tradition of having workshop style discussions on a certain topic (e.g. the business case of systems engineering). Follow MeetUp if you would like to participate. Hope to see you soon at one of the round tables.

SWISSED17: Monday September 4th, Lake Side, Zürich

Numerous presentations have been submitted for inclusion into the programme of SWISSED17. The SWISSED17 committee is working diligently in reviewing and compiling the programme. Spread the word about SWISSED17 and put the SWISSED17 flyer in your coffee corner. 

  • Information: The SWISSED17 flyer provides you with an overview of topics to be covered, key-note speakers, etc.
  • Sponsors: A big "thank you" to all the sponsors of SWISSED17. If you are interested becoming a sponsor for SWISSED17, have a look on the sponsorship opportunities.
  • Student Prize: Are you aware of an excellent final year thesis related to Systems Engineering?  If yes, encourage the authors to apply for the SWISSED Student prize. Bachelor, Master or PhD theses can be submitted for the student prize competition.
  • Registration: Please use our new SSSE shop >>>Registration via the SSSE shop<<< for registration and don't forget to use the discounts:
    1. Early bird discount until July 31st 2017 or the  
    2. Special discount - Register five persons and get one ticket free.

Systems Engineering Certification

At SWISSED17, you will be able to obtain information about SE Certification in Europe at a dedicated booth. As mentioned already earlier this year, attendees at SWISSED17 are invited to take the INCOSE knowledge exam and get one step closer to INCOSE Certification at the ASEP or CSEP level. There is no cost to participate in this INCOSE / SSSE activity. Exam results will be emailed a month later. If you intend to become a certified systems engineer, do not miss this opportunity and register for the exam. Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions about the certification process. Or join us at any of the upcoming events and we can discuss your questions in person.

SSSE launches a shop platform

  • The SSSE shop enables you to open an account and manage all your registrations  
  • More information on the functions is available at the dedicated page
  • To access the shop and the offers follow the link

Upcoming Events

You can check the planned event of to have an overview about all upcoming events related to the SSSE. We want to bring your attention particularly to the following events:

  • SELECTED event on June 7th at SR Technics (indicated above)
  • South European Systems Engineering Tour May 29th - 31st
  • Systems Engineering Roundtable on Monday June 12th
  • INCOSE International Symposium July 15th
  • SWISSED17 September 4th
  • INCOSE EMEA Workshop September 19th - 21st
  • SSSE Annual General Meeting and SELECTED event at Konplan December 5th

Words of wisdom:

Project risk is omnipotent, but you can manage it. When everybody is quiet, check the reasons why, but do not assume that everything is ok.


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