INCOSE Webinar 96 March 15, 2017 1500-1600 UTC


March 15th from 1500-1600 UTC

The Reference Designation System (RDS)
A common naming convention for systems and their elements


Henrik Balsley

This INCOSE webinar on 2017-03-15 will introduce the Reference Designation System (RDS) as defined in the ISO/IEC 81346 standard series. The 81346 standard is a horizontal standard within ISO and IEC, and thereby a reference document for other international standards. RDS is used to designate systems and their elements. A reference designation (a TAG number) is the output of RDS. The TAG numbers act as labels for the system and the system elements, and are used for instant and unambiguous recognition across different kinds of models/documentation and labelling of tangible products as well as non- tangible products such as different models in a software tool. Thereby the RDS can act as the point of synchronisation across different system models in various modelling tools.

RDS is an international "naming convention" designed for systems and their elements and a practical technique to underpin a common understanding among different disciplines. The use of RDS as a fundamental system naming convention is not widely known within the INCOSE environment yet, but by this webinar, the author wishes to reach out to INCOSE and systems engineering in general, so the principles of RDS is to be better understood and recognized as a basic part of systems engineering tool box. RDS provides generic principles and are applicable in more or less all technical disciplines; among these are civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and software engineering.

The webinar will introduce the basics of RDS: Structure, Classification and Aspects and address how RDS can work hand in hand with SysML and establish the common language across different documents and models of systems. For more information, see: It's all about creating a common language (12 minutes) Click to see video at Free stuff and downloads from 
Henrik Balslev, CEO and founder of Systems Engineering A/S (DK) has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen (1988). Today he is acting as a specialist in bridging between practical engineering disciplines and the theory and rules anchored in ISO & IEC Standards, some of them of which he acts as the convenor. He is recognized as an international expert in Reference Designation Systems (RDS) in accordance with ISO/IEC 81346 standard series, which supports SE. Furthermore, he is holding the position of trust as president of INCOSE Denmark. See and for more information and free downloads.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017 - 17:00
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