INCOSE Webinar 95

 February 15th from 1600-1700 UTC
  INCOSE - State of the Organization


Alan Harding (President) & Garry Roedler (Pres-Elect)
INCOSE is the global authority on systems engineering. We have a wide range of ongoing activities intended to mature both systems engineering and INCOSE.

This webinar will be the first, annual, report by the President and President-elect to INCOSE members on our progress against INCOSE's Strategic Objectives, and the forward path identified by the INCOSE SE Vision 2025. It will be based on reports and discussions from the INCOSE International Workshop recently held in Torrance, CA.

Dial-In Information  

  Available to INCOSE members via INCOSE connect or E-mail invitation.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017 - 17:00
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