SE-Training Course - Improving the Result of Reviews and Inspections - 1 DAY

Course Description

Document Inspections are one of the most economical and necessary techniques for eliminating, and, even more important, preventing defects. Reviews are often done, but produce only a fraction of the really important defects that should be found. With only a few hours of proper Inspection training, people can find many more defects in a document, where they first found only one or two minor issues. This should give evidence that with proper education Reviews and Inspections indeed can provide the benefits promised.

In this course we will discuss the Goal of projects, define Quality and Defect, explain the concept and the effect of Zero Defects, provide an overview of types of Inspections (Walkthroughs, Reviews, Fagan, Cleanroom, Gilb/Graham, Early Inspections), which Inspection type to choose, and how to calculate the Return on Investment of Inspections. We’ll exercise what you learnt on your own document.

Preparation: Bring three copies of one or two pages of a document that is not too confidential and being used in your current project, perhaps even already reviewed your usual way. Then you will show yourself the power of proper Inspections. Warning: after the Inspection you may decide to discard the document as unacceptable!

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is producing documents, should be producing documents or is supposed to evaluate documents, like contracts, business cases, requirements, use cases, story cards, designs, drawings, code, test plans.


1 day

Delivered By

Niels Malotaux

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Friday, September 8, 2017 - 09:00 to 18:00
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