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SWISSED16 Special edition

Welcome to the SWISSED16 Special edition of the SSSE Newsletter. 

In this edition you can read about the success of the recent event hosted by RUAG Aviation, the SSSE's contribution to the INCOSE International Symposium and the final preparations for SWISSED16 being held at Zürich Kongresshaus on Monday, 12th September.  

With about seven weeks to go until SWISSED16, we are honored to report that Switzerland's annual conference for Systems Engineering already has 19 Sponsors, 31 diverse presentations and over 100 attendees registered for the event! Our presenters will be travelling mostly from across Europe, with the exception of our first key note speaker who is travelling all of the way from MIT in the USA.  See more details here

Please continue to pass around the newsletter to promote the disclipline of Systems Engineering and follow our updates on Twitter @SSSE_INCOSE.

Enjoy reading! 


SWISSED16; 12th September, Kongresshaus Zürich

The SWISSED16 theme is, Systems Engineering for competitiveness.  

Sponsoring of SWISSED16  We're very grateful to all of the sponsors of SWISSED16, without them we could not host the event in its current format.  

Calling Early birds!  The early-bird registrations are only open until the 31st July, you can benefit from reduced rates here.

Flier and Presentations  See the flier located here.  Included are 31 Presentations and Panel discussions separated into five parallel tracks covering the following areas: Medical Devices, Aerospace + Defence, Agile SE, IoT + Industry 4.0 and Transport + General SE topics.      

Are you a Student?!  If yes, you may be eligible for a gratis registration at SWISSED16.   Contact to check your eligibility.  

Is your final year thesis related to Systems Engineering?!  If yes, you may apply for the SWISSED Student prize.   You may be able to submit your Batchelor or Master's Thesis into the Student prize competition.  Check here for more details. 

Interested in the Systems approach to Safety?  SWISSED is partnered with the fourth European STAMP workshop.  Reduced rates are available for those attending both events.


International Symposium 2016 Edinburgh

The 26th Annual INCOSE International Symposium took place in Edinburgh, UK from July 18th to 21st, 2016.

The Annual INCOSE International Symposium is the premier international forum for Systems Engineering. Participants networked, shared ideas, knowledge and practices, and learnt more about the most recent innovations, trends, experiences and issues in Systems Engineering.  There was a strong presence from the SSSE in attendance. 

The symposium focussed on the theme:  Achieving excellence through Systems Engineering

Markus Walker and Mike Johnson from the SSSE committee led a Panel session called, "Applying Pragmatism to Systems Engineering".  For those of you who couldn't attend the event in Edinburgh, we will be presenting a summary of the Panel session at SWISSED16.

The International Symposium in 2017 is taking place in Adelaide, Australia from 15th to the 20th July.  Please let us know if you plan to attend.

RUAG Aviation, Emmen; 15th June, 18:30

Systems Engineering Lessons at RUAG Aviation, Emmen: System Integrity of a Fighter Aircraft.
On the 15th June, about 25 engineers interested in gaining a deeper insight into the lifecycle management and engineering of a fighter aircraft gathered together.  Marco Geering, Dept.Mgr.Mil. Jet&Missiles Engineering at RUAG Aviation, Emmen gave an effective lesson and exceptional presentation about the history and systematic method on how to ensure the continued airworthiness of the system of interest. He showed uniquely how an already mature fighter aircraft system can be managed through processes (e.g. system safety program, in-service monitoring, reliability centered maintenance, modification).
He presented several very informative engineering use cases, e.g. how Switzerland was involved in the investigation and engineering of occasional problems with parts of the F18 main landing gear, which can buckle under the stress of abrupt landings.
We thank RUAG and Marco Geering very much for their initiative, sponsoring an experience rich evening.

Words of wisdom:

The one who wants to gain and share Systems Engineering experiences, attends SWISSED16  :)


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