SSSE Newsletter 12th edition, February 2016

The Swiss Society of Systems Engineering

The SSSE is the Swiss Chapter of INCOSE and

Newsletter twelfth edition

Welcome to the 12th Edition of the SSSE Newsletter. 

In this edition you can read about how great the SWISSED15 was, the upcoming Annual General Meeting of the SSSE and the Southern European Systems Engineering tour.

Please continue to pass around the newsletter to promote the disclipline of Systems Engineering.

Enjoy reading! 


SWISSED15; 8th September, Kongresshaus Zürich

The Swissed on September 8th was a big success. Over 160 persons joined the event and listened to many interesting talks. The presentations are online and can be found here: pictures from SWISSED are now available:

Committee elections 2016

Every year at this time, the annual committee elections are due. These are conducted online via email. Every person which is currently an SSSE member is allowed to vote on the composition of the committee. The members will receive an email in the next few days. If you are not allready member, this is a good occasion to join the SSSE.

CSE Level-B Course in Bern

A course for Certified Systems Engineering Level-B will take place in Bern starting from end of Februrary. There are still places available. The course will be held in German. After the course it is possible to take the exam for Level-B according to the SEZERTFor further information please contact or use the contact form.

The dates are:

Block A - Kurs vom 23.-25.2.16
Block B – Kurs 26.-28.4.16
Block C – Kurs 18.-20.5.16
Block D – Kurs 6.-8.6.16

International Symposium 2016 Edinburgh

The 26th Annual INCOSE International Symposium will take place in Edinburgh, UK from July 18 to 21, 2016.

The Annual INCOSE International Symposium is the premier international forum for Systems Engineering. Participants network, share ideas, knowledge and practices, and learn more about the most recent innovations, trends, experiences and issues in Systems Engineering.  There will be a strong presence from the SSSE in attendance, please let us know if you too plan to join us in Edinburgh.

The symposium in 2016 will focus on the following theme:  Achieving excellence through Systems Engineering

Track updates on the event at the following link:


Annual General Meeting, Schindler

The AGM will take place at Schindler elevator on 2. March 2016. The events start at 18:30 and will include a talk on MBSE for the health industry.

For details have a look at:

Southern European Systems Engineering Tour SESE

The French chapter of INCOSE (AFIS), the Spanish chapter of INCOSE (AEIS), the Italy chapter of income (INCOSE ITALIA) and the Swiss chapter of INCOSE (SSSE) are organizing a series of events in Paris, Madrid, Turin and Zurich. The purpose of these events is to promote Systems Engineering among practitioners and interested audience, and also to strengthen the links between the chapters. The format of the events is a lecture day at each venue. The intention is to have four talks that are repeated at each venue and complemented by a number of talks held locally at each venue. The event is in preparation, but starting 11.April 2016. More detailed informations will be provided.

Words of wisdom:

Project risk rises considerably with growing distance to your subcontractor


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