NAFEMS Call for Papers - European Conference: Coupled MBS-FE Applications

NAFEMS European Conference

Coupled MBS-FE Applications: >From Classical Design to Systems Engineering

20 - 21 October 2015, Turin, Italy

Abstract submission: 27 July 2015
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Call for Papers

Two years ago, the first coupled MBS-FE conference provided an opportunity to explore new design methodologies resulting from the coupling of two classical methods: Multibody simulation and Finite Element Method. Today, more and more applications appear thanks to increased coupling and cooperation between different tools, resulting in new advanced design methodologies to be used by engineers so to manage increased complexity, more physical phenomena and a global system approach.

By coupling the simulation of kinematic aspects of a system, and the simulation of key mechanical properties, MBS-FE coupling is the entry door to closed-loop system engineering, a technique which is becoming a key methodology supported now by commercial software. This second conference is dedicated to those applications where the border between “local” and “global” design is vanishing, where the design of components appears as a part of a more global design operating at system level. Those new methodologies are opening the door to an increased and more optimized integration of test in simulation methods so to allow early validation of models, increasing confidence in simulation and reducing the need of real scale tests during the design cycle.

But increased confidence in simulation needs first high fidelity models where key physical aspects are integrated, validated, and used as a basis for global system optimization. This is the challenge the conference is addressing by opening the door to new applications coupling MBS and FEM, but also other disciplines like control, system level engineering as well as model updating techniques.

We would very much appreciate abstracts submissions with following topics:

  •     Coupling MBS-FE to New Applications
  •     Extending Classical MBS/FE Simulation Methods to Systems Modeling
  •     Verification and Validation at Domain and System Levels

This conference, organized by the NAFEMS Computational Structural Mechanics, Multi Body Dynamics and the Systems Modeling & Simulation Working Groups will bring together industry, academia and software vendors in order to give the attendees a clear picture of the real capabilities of these coupling techniques through the presentation of different applications.

The conference will be accompanied by a hardware and software exhibition.

We are looking forward to your abstract submissions.


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