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  • SE Foundations

    Course Descriptions

    The Systems Engineering foundations course provides a solid background of the core Systems Engineering discipline. Including learning and practicing the application of Systems Engineering methodologies, enhancing know-how with an interactive workshop and covering detailed use cases.

  • Improving the Result of Reviews and Inspections

    Course Descriptions

    Document Inspections are one of the most economical and necessary techniques for eliminating, and, even more important, preventing defects. Reviews are often done, but produce only a fraction of the really important defects that should be found. With only a few hours of proper Inspection training, people can find many more defects in a document, where they first found only one or two minor issues. This should give evidence that with proper education Reviews and Inspections indeed can provide the benefits promised.

  • Quality On Time

    Course Descriptions

    We will study and exercise techniques how to continuously improve our effectiveness and efficiency, how to predict what we will have done when and taking the consequence, solving the discipline problem, exploiting our intuition mechanism, continuously balancing priorities, keeping focus, coping with differences in disciplines and cultures, adopting a Zero-Defect attitude and preventing any stakeholder’s complaints. Are you already doing all these things and do you think you are already very effective and efficient?

  • Acoustics Systems Engineering

    Course Descriptions

    Acoustics involves the generation of noise, it’s transfer through solid structures and fluids, and the response of the receiver (a person or equipment). Usually the objective is to control the response to an acceptable level at a minimum added cost, weight or size. Often the details are complex, the number of variables is high, and conflicting constraints operate. Application of SE techniques is essential before an efficient and effective result can be achieved.

  • SELECTED: Simulation and Testing for innovative Products


    Save the date and stay tuned.
    All information and registration to this SELECTED event can be found here.
  • 8th annual workshop in Moscow

    Dear INCOSE members!

    The Russian chapter of INCOSE hosts 8th annual workshop in Moscow this year on April. As you may have noticed (due to missed all previous seven workshops) our community is relatively incapsulated. One of the reasons is our working language: Russian.

  • Systems Engineering Roundtable in Zurich

    The SE Roundtable Zürich is an informal platform for experience exchange on important topics in the systems engineering domain. Topics could include product line engineering, model-based system engineering, risk analysis, model-based testing, document production, tool integration and many more.

    As the second topic we decided to adress "The Value of Model Based Systems Engineering".

    Participation is free, focus is driven by the participants. We intend to organize the roundtable about three to four times per year.

  • MBSE & SysML Intermediate

    Course Descriptions

    This course provides the participants a solid foundation about the fundamental and practical aspects of MBSE and SysML. Participants will learn more about how to interpret and understand SysML models, their elements and how to read their diagrams. Furthermore, the concepts of modeling method based on SysML will be explained in order to demonstrate how SysML can be customized for a particular application domain.

  • CSE-B Kurs in Bern 2018

    Vorbereitungskurs Certified Systems Engineer Level B

    Systems Engineering und Systems Engineering Management anwenden

  • MBSE & SysML Introduction

    Course Descriptions

    This course provides the participants a combination of the fundamental and practical aspects of MBSE and SysML. The course first deals with explaining the core concepts of MBSE. Next, several practical exercises are performed to demonstrate the basics for deploying MBSE using SysML without using any specific tool. Finally, the course wraps up with a discussion of the challenges faced when developing and deploying MBSE in real-world applications and how to manage it. Course Pre-requisites: System or software engineering knowledge.


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