Complexity in Project and Programme Management

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The Cynefin framework has now been used around the world in contexts as diverse as the boardrooms of international fashion houses, software development teams and SWAT teams on the city streets. Decision-makers have applied it across all levels of organisation and in almost every industry.

Dave Snowden, the founder of Cognitive Edge and creator of the Cynefin framework will be using this one day Master Class to show how in the discipline of Project and Programme Management, complexity can be reduced, managed and effectively controlled.

The original use in Knowledge Management (Complex Acts of Knowing) was recently assessed as the third mist cited article in the field and the HBR cover article on its application ot Leadership has won multiple awards. It was assessed as the first practical application of complexity science to business issues. It was more recently used in the Prince II Agile publication with direct application to project management. A new multi-client programme is about to commence to develop methods and tools for a new release of Prince II looking at the wider body of knowledge and practice. Complexity is a major paradigm shift from systems thinking which has dominated the last few decades and works from a basis in natural science, and an ecological not an engineering metaphor of the organisation and its market.

Learning Outcomes

• To understand the basics of the Cynefin framework and its application to Project and Programme Management.
• To know how to apply several methodologies for navigating complexity.
• To understand the intricate links between complexity and project management.
• To understand new methods of mapping attitudes (lead indicators) as opposed to compliance ( a lag indicator) and the role of anticipatory alerts in programme management.
• An appreciation of ‘fractal’ or real time multi-layered representation of organisational and programme culture and its impact on performance.

Who Should Attend?

• Project managers
• Academics interested in the subject
• Managers with relevant responsibilities

Course Rates

Early Bird Rates: 675 CHF. Regular Rates: 750 CHF


1 day

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Dave Snowden


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Tuesday, September 4, 2018 - 08:00
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